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Provides a list of cheats/utilities in an easily accessible GUI

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Provides a list of cheats/utilities in an easily accessible GUI.

Features & Usage

Press the M key to activate the cheat menu and click on any of the buttons to enable/disable the specific cheats or enter that specific cheat cateogry. N key can be used to go back from a category. Both these keys can be changed in the configuration in the config folder.

To see what cheats/utilities the mod offers see below:

  • All Rituals
  • Allow Shrine Creation
  • Auto Clear Ritual Cooldowns
  • Build All Structures
  • Change Doctrines
  • Change Rituals
  • Clear All Doctrines
  • Clear Base Rubble
  • Clear Base Trees
  • Clear Dead bodies
  • Clear Outhouses
  • Clear Poop
  • Clear Vomit
  • Free Building Mode
  • Rename Cult
  • Teleport to Cult
  • Unlock All Structures
  • Clear Faith
  • Convert Dissenting Followers
  • Kill All Followers
  • Max Faith
  • Remove Hunger
  • Remove Sickness
  • Revive All Followers
  • Spawn 'Arrived' Follower
  • Spawn Follower (Worker)
  • Spawn Follower (Worshipper)
  • Add x1 Black Heart
  • Add x1 Blue Heart
  • Die
  • Godmode
  • Heal x1
  • Follower Debug
  • FPS Debug
  • Hide/Show UI
  • Noclip
  • Skip Hour
  • Structure Debug
  • Give Big Gift
  • Give Commandment Stone
  • Give Fertiziler
  • Give Fish
  • Give Follower Meat
  • Give Follower Necklaces
  • Give Food
  • Give Monster Heart
  • Give Resources
  • Give Small Gift
  • Weather: Clear
  • Weather: Rain
  • Weather: Windy

Changelog 1.0.31

Functionality Changes

  • Cheats are now ordered by name
  • Cheats can now have sub-menus (Change All Rituals, Change All Docterines both use this)
  • Special Thunderstore release with updated release zip, and installation instructions. (1.0.31)

Cheat Additions/Removal

  • + Allow Shrine Creation(Cult), Allows the Shrine to be created from the building menu
  • + Change Doctrines(Cult), Allows the modification of selected doctrines
  • + Change Rituals(Cult), Lets you change the selected Rituals along with unlocking not yet acquired ones
  • + Clear All Doctrines(Cult), Clears all docterine categories and rewards (Apart from special rituals)
  • + Clear Outhouses(Cult), Clears all outhouses of poop and adds the contents to your inventory.
  • + Clear Base Trees(Cult), Removes all trees in the base
  • + Clear Dead bodies(Cult), Clears any dead bodies on the floor, giving follower meat!
  • + Clear Faith(Follower), Set the current faith to zero
  • + Clear Poop(Cult), Clear any poop on the floor, giving the fertilizer directly!
  • + Clear Vomit(Cult), Clear any vomit on the floor!
  • + Complete All Quests(Misc), Complete All Quests
  • + Convert Dissenting Followers(Follower), Converts dissenting followers back to regular followers
  • + Give Big Gift(Resources), Gives you a 'big' gift x10
  • + Give Commandment Stone(Resources), Gives a Commandment Stone
  • + Give Follower Meat(Resources), Gives x10 Follower Meat
  • + Give Follower Necklaces(Resources), Gives one of each of the various follower necklaces
  • + Give Small Gift(Resources), Gives you a 'small' gift x10
  • + Max Faith(Follower), Clear the cult's thoughts and gives them large positive ones
  • + Remove Hunger(Follower), Clears starvation from any followers and maximazes satiation for all followers
  • + Remove Sickness(Follower), Clears sickness from all followers, cleanups any vomit, poop or dead bodies and clears outhouses
  • + Revive All Followers(Follower), Revive all currently dead followers
  • + Turn all Followers Old(Follower), Changes the age of all followers to old
  • + Turn all Followers Young(Follower), Changes the age of all followers to young
  • + All Rituals(Cult), While enabled you will have access to all rituals (including both sides of every pair) Latest changes: 1.0.3


  • Make sure you have BepInEx installed (Guide)
  • Download the zip from the releases tab
  • Copy the CheatMenu folder to BepInEx/Plugins folder
  • Important: Some COTL mods require that the BepInEx configuration has a diferent entrypoint. Download this file and place it in BepInEx/config
  • Start the game and enjoy the mod!


BepInEx 5

Developer Dependencies

  • Gaze
    • Used for file watching to run the build when changes occur.
  • dotnet-script
    • Used to run the readme generator
  • pdb2mdb
    • Used to create visual studio debugging files

Developer Setup

  • Ensure dotnet is in your PATH
  • Install Gaze and put it in your PATH
  • Download pdb2mdb and put it in the tools directory (even if you don't need the visual studio debugging symbols).
  • Set environment variable CULT_OF_THE_LAMB_PATH to the root directory of the game
  • Run either ./build.bat or ./watch.bat under scripts

License / Credits

Feel free to look around the code and modify for personal use, if you want to release a version of your code please reach out to me first!

If you just want to add a specific 'Cheat' to the mode feel free to open a pull request or open an issue.


Cheats that unlock DLC content or content that is intended to be locked will not be added to this mod.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-10-10 1.0.31 6999 Version 1.0.31 Install
2022-10-10 1.0.3 95 Version 1.0.3 Install
2022-9-11 1.0.2 528 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-9-3 1.0.1 184 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-9-3 1.0.0 93 Version 1.0.0 Install